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Discover the insider strategies to earning six-figures a year publishing fiction from a New York Times Bestselling Author!

This is more than a career, it's financial freedom...

From: Kate Riley

Hi there!

I've been publishing fiction since 2011, earning six-figures every year, but it's only now that I'm finally revealing the inner-workings of my business.

The truth is, when you know exactly how to create bestselling stories, tap into in-demand tropes that guarantee your book sells with little-to-no paid advertising, publishing fiction is an unbeatable, long-term money-maker. 

Some call it a 6-figure formula—and you're about to gain access to a surefire launchpad that will show you exactly how to skyrocket your income.

There's a reason I have stayed true to fiction publishing for 11 years and after you launch your first book, so will you.  

You see, once you have a strong foundation in place, your books will make money for years to come.  

And best of all, this isn't a business that can be destroyed by spammers, nor will markets ever be saturated because there's always a way to put a fresh spin on in-demand tropes. 

Every book you publish will be a long-term earner. They're like money in the bank!

No Paid Advertising Required

Self Publishing Boss is all about showing you how to take a grass-routes approach to making money in fiction publishing.

That means you won't have to spend money on Amazon or Facebook ads to get your business off the ground.  


Self Publishing Boss

Self Publishing Boss is based on time-tested, bestselling strategies for making six-figures a year publishing fiction.

Discover the insider strategies to making real money with high-profit genres + Amazon KDP.

This will set you on the path towards your first 6-figure year.

This is a course where the curtain is pulled ALL the way back. There'll be no guesswork involved.

I even reveal my most profitable genres and provide an overview of each one. 

But best of all? I will always have your back, every step of the way. 

And because I keep a close pulse on the market, whenever I uncover an up & coming genre or a heavy-hitting trope, I'll let you in on the secret. :)

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

PLUS: Receive access to a private coaching group absolutely free!  

How to Write a Bestselling Book

This series of lessons includes everything you need to know to hit the ground running! I'll show you what genres you should be writing in, how to qualify profit potential and even how to craft a killer blurb.

Author Platform Success Strategies

These modules cover everything from positioning yourself for quick success, creating your team of die-hard fans and more.

Pre-Release Marketing Strategies

This section includes training involving creating pre-launch buzz, building a rock-solid system and even a pre-release day blueprint and checklist.

Audience Builder Strategies

I'll show you how to create a rock-solid system that will flood your list with avid readers and buyers! Plus, you'll learn my Power List Building Strategy, and more.

Leveling Up Strategies

You'll learn the insider secrets to leveling up so you can scale your business quickly, plus a complete guide to Mastering the One-Click Blurbs.  This is a need-to-know strategy for anyone looking to maximize sales.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Remember, Self Publishing Boss is all about launching a successful career in fiction without having to worry about investing Facebook, Instagram, or AMS ads, and these advanced marketing strategies will show you exactly how to hit the ground running without paid advertising! Includes Reverse Engineering Bestsellers, Mastering Keywords & Categories, and more.

Outsourcing Strategies

I've been on both sides of the fence: a ghostwriter for many years and then when I started self-publishing, I hired many ghostwriters to help me cover more ground.  I will show you exactly how to find the best, most affordable ghostwriters as well as a little trick I've used to make it not only cost effective, but easy to manage with no risks involved.  

Bonus Modules *plus many more on the way!*

From the file that reveals "My Most Profitable Genres", to free resources that include category swipe files, Genre Research Tracker, Keyword Tracker, and Writing Hacks, you'll have everything you could possibly need in one place!

And much, much more!

With over 55 lesson plans filled with bestselling strategies + new ones still being loaded, you'll have everything you need to catapult yourself into the six-figure authors' club.  Are you ready? :) 

This is The BIGGEST and BEST Course I've Ever Created.

I have never released a course that's so extensive nor have I ever revealed my genres to anyone outside of my author circle.

And with your entry into Self Publishing Boss also comes an invitation into a Private Mastermind Group, for students only.

This provides you with a group-coaching add-on, absolutely FREE.

That means you'll receive the guidance you need throughout your journey to a six-figure win. :)


Your Pathway to Making a 6-Figure Income with Fiction Books!



This is a VERY LIMITED offer.

Regular price will be $597+ as it includes an element of coaching via a private group.

Kate Riley,